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A journey on winding roads from the estuary to the source of the Rhône

On the shores of the majestic Lake Geneva, to the sound of cowbells in mountain pastures, overlooked by peaks covered in eternal snow: it was against this backdrop that the Emile Garcin Switzerland agency was established in 2017. Since then, our network of partners have been working tirelessly to unearth gems in the Swiss heartland.


After founding the luxury property group that bears his name in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in 1963, Emile Garcin never stopped sharing his passion for beautiful homes. It was a passion that was soon passed down to his three children, Emmanuel, Nathalie and Antoine, leading to their own lifelong quest to seek out exceptional property: real estate of genuine soul, with a charm beyond its monetary value.

Romandy: nature and culture in harmony

From the residential districts of Geneva to the chalets of world-renowned winter resorts and the charm of the Vaud Riviera, Romandy (the French-speaking region of Switzerland) offers an exceptional geographic setting boasting breathtaking panoramas: the majestic Lake Geneva, the slopes of the Rhone Valley, the highest peaks in the Alps, and more.

Enhanced by a vibrant cultural scene, including the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival, this is the idyllic backdrop to Emile Garcin's catalogue of real estate in Romandy. From magnificent properties on vast estates, to family homes nestling on hillsides, and apartments overlooking Montreux, Lausanne and Geneva, these are stunning properties that are as intimate as they are exclusive.

Our agency

Emile Garcin Suisse

Our agency is located in one of the most beautiful districts in Geneva.

The agency boasts an idyllic setting among late-19th century buildings nestling behind the old city walls. This luxury district has not only attracted a steady stream of celebrities and famous artists, but it has also become a cultural centre housing several museums and magnificent gardens.

After leaving the agency, you can stroll to the Art and Archaeology Library of the Art and History Museum, climb the slopes of the Observatoire or, between the Old Town and the Tranchées district, stroll under the hackberries on the Promenade Saint-Antoine: a calm and beautifully leafy setting exuding the unique atmosphere that makes Geneva such a wonderful place to live.

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